The Society of General Internal Medicine of BC (SGIMBC) advocates for General Internal Medicine to organizations such as MSP, DoBC, CMA and others.

SGIMBC Advocacy

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Working Conditions

In fall of 2019, the Society of General Internal Medicine of BC put together a “Scope of Practice” in order to clarify its role in hospitals, in light of the recent publication of the document: “Hospitalist Scope of Practice: Hospitalist Program” on August 14, 2019 at Fraser Health, as well as recent developments across hospitals in British Columbia, which have resulted in a significant increase in workload for general internal medicine consultants.

SGIMBC Advocacy
SGIMBC Advocacy

Community Engagement

SGIMBC provides resources and support for General Internists to pursue special interests as well as opportunities for continuing education, so that the needs of their community will be better met. Examples of this would include addiction medicine, perioperative medicine, and quality improvement.

Fair Compensation

SGIMBC recently advocated for several new fee codes, specific to General Internal Medicine (GIM) that are ~60% higher than the previous available fee codes, a substantial increase to previous fees. This ensured that General Internists were being compensated fairly for their services.

SGIMBC Advocacy
Additionally, we have prepared a comprehensive report from KPMG that will help us advocate for GIM interests in the long term. We are actively liaising with Canadian Society of Internal Medicine and American College of Physicians for education and advancement of SGIMBC in the future.

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